Kyron Lynssi'an

Brute with a chip on his shoulder


Human soldier/scoundrel lvl 3/1

Str 18
Dex 16
Con 14
Int 8
Wis 8
Cha 12

Fort 20 = 10+4+2+4 Ref 19 = 10+4+2+3 Will 16 = 10+4+1+1

Vibro-ax +6
3D10 + 13
x2 Rapid Strike


Point Blank Shot
Weapon Proficiency (pistols, rifles, simple weapons)
Armor Proficiency (light, medium)
Skill Focus (initiative)
Quick Draw
Rapid Strike
Weapon Proficiency (advanced melee weapons)
Weapon Focus (advanced melee weapons)


Dastardly Strike
Melee Smash
Stunning Strike
Devastating Attack
Weapon Specialization

Skills trained

Initiative 15
Perception 6
Knowledge(tactics) 6
Treat Injury 6


1. What/who does your character unconditionally love?
2. What does your character fear the most?
3. Which character from star wars would your character get along with the best?
General Grievous
4. If your character were playing Pathfinder, what would he make and how would he play them?
Barbarian, always rash and very quick to draw a blade NE
5. What are your characters two biggest goals? (try to be specific)
To prove to his father he is better than he will ever be, Jedi or no (possibly even kill)
To rule over his own city

Kyran is the ill-tempered big brother of Eptifan. Working as a guard for the cloning facility has its benefits; the pay isn’t bad and he gets access to restricted weapons.

Kyron Lynssi'an

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