Eptifan Lynssi'an

Young jedi apprentice eager to make a difference


Human Jedi lvl 4
Nickname Ep

Str 12
Dex 17
Con 10
Int 14
Wis 14
Cha 12

Fort 16 = 10+4+1+1 Ref 18 = 10+4+1+3 Will 17 = 10+4+1+2

Lightsaber 7
x2 Weapon Finesse

Force Powers

Force Slam


Weapon Finesse
Quick Draw
Force Training
Dual Weapon Mastery I
Melee Defense


Block Deflect
Elusive Target
Force Intuition
Acrobatic Recovery

Skills trained

Acrobatics 10
Perception 9
Pilot 10
Knowledge(Galactic Lore) 9
Use the Force 8

High Galactic
Kel Dor

Utility Belt
All Temperature Cloak
Aquata Breather
Lightsaber x2
9050 credits


1. What/who does your character unconditionally love?
My family lineage
2. What does your character fear the most?
Letting down my father
3. Which character from star wars would your character get along with the best?
Obi-wan Kenobi
4. If your character were playing Pathfinder, what would he make and how would he play them?
Cavalier, following the Jedi order with a grey tendency. LN was what I was thinking
5. What are your characters two biggest goals? (try to be specific)
Short Term: find a worthy Jedi Master to apprentice under and become a Jedi Knight
Mid Term: open a Jedi Enclave to train my own padawans
Long Term: be voted into the Jedi High Council

Ep is a descendant of the mysterious human who trained with yoda so long ago.

Living up to the family expectation is his everything. Having an older sister who is force sensitive and an even older brother who wishes he was made the house pretty tense. Tonya is all about the balance of the force while Kyran is a much more physical person. Ep tries to see the good in everything. Raised to know the family history of the Lynssi’an’s in and out, he still carries a family tree on parchment that shows the connections all the way back to Grandpa Lomek. Living in (wherever fits your story best Q) his whole life, he was trained by his father from a very young age. Now he spends his days trying catch Bale’s eye in training.

Eptifan Lynssi'an

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