Character Creation Outline

The following are the need to know aspects of your character creation. There are two aspects of character creation to consider when making a character for SW:EoS. When making your character you MUST Copy and Paste the Survey and answers into your Description.
A. The House Rules
B. The Survey

The House Rules
25 point buy. SW Saga Edition style. Remember ability scores start at 8, not 10.
-No Skill Focus UTF until level 6. Just omit this feat until that point.
-Block and Deflect are one talent. Also any talent that specifically deals with piloting, repairing, and controlling a vehicle/spaceship can be combined to be one talent. This is to lessen the penalty for taking talents that will not consistently be used in each combat.
-Levels where you receive a feat 1,3,6,9 etc. you also receive a bonus talent.
-Characters without the quiz copied, answered, and pasted into their character page cannot use force points or receive destiny points.
-Strength, Rage, and Talents that increase threshold damage do not work with stun sticks.
-Defensive ability scores add 1/2 your level instead of full. Your Fort Defense ability score may be Str or Con. Reflex Defense can be Dex or Int. Will Defense can be Wis or Cha.
-Level 4 character Creation. Core Rule Book Only without GM approval. (I will bend on flavor things that fit my world more than any mechanical benefits)
-Races with no bonus to an ability score have a variable +2.
-No Disintegrations

The Survey
Copy and paste the following into the description section of your characters page. Put as much effort into it as you want. Feel free to be as creative as you want as well.

1. What/who does your character unconditionally love?
[enter text here]
2. What does your character fear the most?
[enter text here]
3. Which character from star wars would your character get along with the best?
[enter text here]
4. If your character were playing Pathfinder, what would he make and how would he play them?
[enter text here]
5. What are your characters two biggest goals? (try to be specific)
[enter text here]

Character Creation Outline

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