Rosha Ka

Honorable representative of the Shili Delegation


Togruta Diplomat

Str -10
Dex -14
Con -12
Int -10
Wis -12
Cha -16

- Force Training
- Skill Training (Deception)
- Improved Defenses
- Force Sensitivity
- Weapon Proficiency (Lightsaber)
- Weapon Proficiency (Simple Weapons)
- Weapon Proficiency (Pistols)
- Linguistics [Do not meet prereqs; Inactive]

- Adept Negotiator
- Bolster Ally
- Block/Deflect
- Noble Fencing Style

Force Powers:
- Move Object
- Surge

- Use the Force
- Persuasion
- Perception
- Knowledge (Galactic Lore)
- Knowledge (Bureaucracy)
- Gather Information
- Deception

1. What/who does your character unconditionally love?

Shili, it’s people and the people of the Galactic Alliance. The galaxy’s recent history is filled with conflict and none suffered more than the galaxy’s people. It is because of this that Rosha Ka’s master, Kenlin Du, emphasized the need for maintaining peace and balance within the galaxy.

2. What does your character fear the most?

He fears watching the galaxy fall headlong into another senseless conflict. Beyond the colossal death toll in wars on a galactic scale, the loss of decency and compassion in war leads to the downfall of good men, and the door through which the dark side slithers in.

3. Which character from star wars would your character get along with the best?

Padme Amidala, her dedication to ending the Clone Wars and the compassion she had for the people of the galaxy makes her something of a hero to Rosha Ka. Additionally, her proclivity for adventures makes her even more of an enviably figure to a youthful diplomat who cannot always tolerate the endless debates of the Senate.

4. If your character were playing Pathfinder, what would he make and how would he play them?

Rosha would likely make a bard. His natural predilection for negotiation and inspiring his allies would blend nicely with the bard’s focus on the arts. Coupling this with the bard’s affinity for a more neutral stance on the alignments, Rosha would feel very comfortable playing the artistic face of the party.

5. What are your characters two biggest goals? (try to be specific)

1st goal: Become a well-respected and influential senator like Padme’s mentor, Bail Organa.
2nd Goal: Produce a piece of artwork that is worthy of being placed in the Grand Museum of Coruscant.


Rosha Ka was born to an affluent, political family on Shili. His force talents were recognized early on by a local force-user named Kenlin Du, who trained him in the ways of the force. Kenlin emphasized the need to maintain balance and peace, not just within himself, but within the galaxy as a whole. It was Kenlin’s teachings that molded Rosha’s mind politically, and when the time came for him to take up his family’s legacy it was to Kenlin that Rosha turned to as his advisor. In his short tenure as a representative Rosha has become an accomplished negotiator and developed a reputation of being able to calm even the most heated negotiations.

Beyond his time in training to be a politician, Rosha loved to spend time using his force training to sculpt art from the stones and vines of Shili. His style blends the precision of craved stone with elemental forces of nature, creating sculptors and statues that have been weathered and shaped by both man and nature. It is through these works of art that Rosha focuses his emotions and hones his connection with the force.

Rosha Ka

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