Alpha 8675


str 13
dex 16
con 14
int 12
wis 14
cha 8

Soldier 3 Scout 1

Armor Prof (Light/Medium
Weapon Prof (Simple/Pistol/Rifle)
Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot
Martial Arts I
Tech Specialist
Shake It Off

Endurance 9
Initiative 10
Mechanics 8
Perception 9
Treat Injury 9

Armor Defense
Second Skin
Improved Armor Defense


1. What/who does your character unconditionally love?
The Old Republic, so much so that he glosses over the short comings of the Republic. Also his fellow clones if any have survived the long period of time that has passed.

2. What does your character fear the most?
Having no place in the universe, which almost seems a forgone conclusion with most if not all of the other clones deceased and the Old Republic a memory.

3. Which character from star wars would your character get along with the best?
Han Solo as he would identify with a man wants to get paid and find something greater than himself to be a part of again.

4. If your character were playing Pathfinder, what would he make and how would he play them?
A paladin because having faith in your cause and yourself provided very real and very powerful benefits.

5. What are your characters two biggest goals? (try to be specific)
Go into business for himself to create a perfect life. Living on planet that would be called paradise by most people, something like Naboo.

Find a cure for the rapid aging that all clones go through or begin to produce more of the Jango clones.

Alpha 8675

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